Will there be a Why Women Kill Season 3?

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The dark comedy Why Women Kill created by Marc Cherry is back for another season has been at the ViacomCBS-backed streamer. The show has proved to be a delicious treat for Paramount+ subscribers that has been running for two years.

The renewal follows strong viewership from fans and we’re ready for the next installment. Let’s take a look at the possibilities of Why Women Kill Season 3.

A Quick Recap of Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill Season 3

The first season of the show centered on the murderous inhabitants of a mansion over several decades and around three women in the 60s, 80s, and present who are dealing with infidelity in their marriages.

As the show continues to the second part, things changed drastically by taking place in a single town and time period. In the next episodes, they focused on the battle for control of a high-class California gardening club in the 1940s.

Release Date of Why Women Kill Season 3

Although we are expecting to have Why Women Kill Season 3, it has not yet been renewed officially as of this writing.

Paramount+ usually renews or cancels its summer offerings within a few weeks of its final episode airing on the streaming platform. The show was picked up for a second season in mid-October of last year on the same day that its final episode was posted. Hopefully, we will soon be getting good news about when the show will come back for another season.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the delays it continues to pose, there is a chance that Paramount+ could hold off on the show, and air it from late August to mid-October.

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What to expect in the upcoming season?

Although there have been no plot details regarding Why Women Kill Season 3, fans have been focusing on guessing what the next installment will be like.

Since the show is centered around the housewives of the more desperate variety, perhaps single women will be Cherry’s next province.  The series have explored the fifties, forties, eighties, and present-day thus far — what era will the show time-hop to next?

According to Cherry, “We can’t wait to share the new cast of riveting, scandalous characters Marc Cherry has created when the series returns for its third season.”  This may probably be a hint of a third installment too.

Now we can’t wait till we get an answer!

Who will be part of the cast in the third season of Why Women Kill?

Will There Be A Why Women Kill Season 3?

Then again, there is still no official announcement regarding Why Women Kill Season 3. This is why official casting has yet to be announced.

Since the show has set up a guideline wherein each new installment will feature a fresh set of characters and a new premise, then it might be impossible that the characters from either season of the show will be part of the third one as well.

But still, what are the chances?

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