Zendaya Stuns with Her New Blonde Bob Hairdo!

Narinder kumar
Narinder kumar
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Zendaya showed off her lighter blonde hair makeover. We have seen our celebrities generally go with changes in look according to their professional need or just for personal choice. And if they try to reveal, they make sure to gain all the attention possible.

Whether intentional or unintentional, fans care about every makeover of their celebrities. Talking such, many stars are pretty known in Hollywood for experimenting with their new look.

In recent times, it is the actress Zendaya who has created news related to her hair makeover. Her latest glamorous post showed off her bob makeover with blonde hair. She debuted her shorter makeover in an event in December 2022.

According to an image shared on her Instagram account, the actress was seen in loose curls and lighter blonde.

Here You Can Check out Zendaya’s in Blonde Hair.


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It all happened on 3 February 2023 on Friday when she was seen looking beautiful in her red sleeveless turtleneck top. Her face was barely visible in the post. However, one can readily appreciate her overall look.

The actress has shared this new look through a short video. She was also seen wearing a white top and chopped locks while pushing her hair back to her ears.

If we talk about her previous hairstyle, it is much darker and longer. She is remarkable for wearing a gorgeous hairstyle and carrying any look anytime with any dress on Red Carpet appearance. It was recently when Zendaya explained her makeover primarily related to hair.

She generally tries wearing wigs if it is possible. The only reason behind it is not letting her hair go with many experiments of heat and chemicals. She washed her hair every 3 days and used a moisturizer with coconut oil.

Instead of going on with any artificial colour, she wanted to be natural and apply very little product to manage her curls. Coming to the coconut oil, she doesn’t want to go with any chemical-based but 100% natural.

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