‘American Horror Story’ Season 10: Expected Release Date & Updates!

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American Horror Story is back for Season 10! The new season will be set in the year 2022, and it’ll focus on a world where Trump was never elected. It’s not clear how many episodes there will be, but Ryan Murphy has said that he wants to do 12 installments this time around. Watch American Horror Story on FX now!

The Story Behind ‘American Horror Story’ Season 10- Release Date, Cast, And More

Given its genre, American Horror Story has somehow managed to stay on the air for ten seasons. ‘American Horror Story Season 10 is expected as released on 25, September 2022. This campy cult classic has a revolving cast of actors playing various roles each season, and it’s a lot of hilarious, bloody fun. The first season, which aired in 2011, became well-known for its wild stories, love for melodrama, and outstanding acting from some of the world’s best. The series has gone through every horror genre, from blood-thirsty nuns to alien abductions in season 2’s, and the straight-up end of the world in season 8’s, continuing to surprise us a decade later. Here’s what we know about the upcoming season of this consistently surprising show.

The tenth season of Murphy and Falchuk’s wonderfully inventive anthology series was supposed to premiere in late 2020, but it was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Season 10 will premiere on FX in the United States on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 p.m., and Hulu will stream it the next day. There has yet to be an announcement of the episode count, but previous seasons have consisted of between 10 and 13 episodes each, debuting every week after the premiere. (As a result, if you want to be one of the first to see it, you’ll need to plan your Wednesdays or Thursdays during the fall!

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What Is Season 10 Going to Be About?

'American Horror Story' Season 10

Finally, we’ll switch gears and gear up for a look at the biggest matchups of the weekend. Let’s get started! Now that you’re warmed up, here’s where everything gets a little strange, so bear with me. Murphy’s only contribution to the storyline thus far has been a handful of cryptic Instagram comments about one tale taking place in the sand and another on the beach. Fans will also be treated to “two stories for the price of one,” according to Murphy, which suggests that this season’s subtitle is quite literal. Given the poster and ‘by the sea and by the sand,’ I’m guessing that one tale will be about mermaids or sirens, who live in or near water, and will be a nautical horror story, while the other will be an Area 51/abduction-style narrative set in the Southwestern United States. It’s anybody’s guesses what type of connectivity they’ll have, whether or not they’ll be linked by story through-lines or if we’re just getting two anthology tales in one season.

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What Is the Difference Between Real and Fake?

It’s understandable if you’re a little perplexed; the names are quite similar. The series creators have said that there will be at least one (or in this instance, double) anthology story told over the course of the season, continuing in the manner of prior seasons. After being a huge success in Japan, the anime spin-off will now premiere on April 12th. The new spin-off series will tell each episode’s story differently, more like something like or.


The film’s strong point is its large rotating cast of genre and character-acting heavies. There’ll be plenty of familiar faces for fans to get hyped about this season, despite the fact that Emma Roberts and Jessica Lange are done playing. Once again, Elisabeth Moss returns as FBI Special Agent Sarah Paulson, who should basically be the queen of the series at this stage. Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Finn Wittrock, Lily Rabe, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter, and Angelica Ross are all set to return.

Newcomers this season include model-actress Kaia Gerber, who previously starred in R*CARE and currently stars in Stan Lee’s Summit, and former child star Macaulay Culkin, who is currently active on YouTube. It’s certainly going to be the inclusion of Culkin that will cause me to check out season nine after the disappointment of the conclusion of season eight, as well as skipping entirely. While we don’t know what Culkin’s character is, we do know that he will have a ‘crazy erotic sex’ scene with Bates, which makes for must-see WTF TV.

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