Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake – Attacker Disguised as Old Woman in Wheelchair

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Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake: The famous painting of Mona Lisa was attacked in Louvre in Paris with cake by a man dressed as an old lady in a wheelchair. The footage was captured, and the video has been viral ever since the incident.

The gallery mentioned that the culprit had managed to get close to the portrait by simulating a disability which was an advantage in helping people with mobility problems.

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The Cake Art Attack – Viral Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake

Several images of the Mona Lisa painting have been going around social media channels when it was stained with cake cream after a person stamped on the cake back Sunday. 

Luckily, according to the gallery, the painting was covered with glass that protects Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa painting, and it was the glass that had been creamed with cake. 

According to a witness, the perpetrator was a man in a wheelchair. The man was disguised as a woman, wearing a wig and lipstick. Gallery goers were surprised as the attacker suddenly stood up and threw the cake at the painting. 

Attack On Monalisa Painting With Cake

The gallery also explained that the culprit was able to go near the painting because he simulated a disabled person. Inside the museum, disabled persons can get near the painting because of the policy designed to help those with mobility problems. 

The suspect was later identified as a 36-year-old man and later arrested and placed under psychiatric care.

Right after the attack, the museum’s security rushed to remove the attacker away from the room, and the other gallery-goers continued to photograph and video the situation. 

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Curious why Mona Lisa was the painting he attacked, and what was the reason?

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What is the Mona Lisa Painting? – da Vinci’s most known artwork

Mona Lisa is a painting created by the famous Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1519. It is a half-length portrait painting and has been one of the best knowns, most visited, and most written about songs globally. Songs and books have also been created concerning the artwork.

Attack On Monalisa Painting With Cake

Before the pandemic started, almost 30,000 people a day go the Paris museum to check out the painting. 

The Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake was almost a threat to the precious painting. Thankfully, the painting was unaffected because a safety glass protected it. 

What was the Reason behind the Attack? 

Further investigation also found out that the man behind the Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake was for a protest against the environment. 

When the culprit was able to get on video, he mentioned that “There are people who are destroying the Earth,” in French. He also added, “All artists, think about the Earth. That’s why I did this. Think of the planet.”

Attack On Monalisa Painting With Cake

The Attack on Monalisa Painting with Cake was not the first time someone attempted to vandalize the Leonardo’s painting. Back in 1974, it was reported that when the painting was traveled temporarily to the National Art Museum in Tokyo, a woman spray painted the Mona Lisa. 

The woman who did it was in an attempt to highlight the institution’s policies for disabled visitors. Later in 2009, a Russian woman threw a teacup at the painting. Luckily, at both shots, the Mona Lisa Louvre painting was not damaged. 

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