Beast 2022: American Film Release Date, Trailer and More

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Beast 2022 is an upcoming American survival thriller film directed by Baltasar Kormákur and based on a story by Jaime Primak Sullivan. The movie stars Idris Elba as a man with his teenage daughter trying to survive a lion attack in Africa. 

What Is the Story of the Movie Beast?

The story focuses on the protagonist played by Idris Elba, who plays a widowed husband and father, Dr. Nate Samuels. In the film, he has two teenage daughters who are hunted by a massive rogue lion, whose intent is on proving that the savannah has but one apex predator. 

Beast 2022

As the movie Beast 2022 progresses, the mother of the daughters dies, and Samuels’s family doesn’t know what to do with their lives. Since then, there has been an apparent rift between them. Dr. Nate Samuels thought that if he took the girls on a trip to Africa, his family could get back together and have a relaxing and fun time walking through the African savannah.

However, in the supposedly once-in-a-lifetime trip of the family of Samuels, while standing in a game reserve, with the help of their old Family friend in the African wilderness, Martin Battles, they find themselves on a journey of healing jolts into a fearsome fight for survival.

It starts when their trip to look at nature is cut short when they find a badly hurt man on the road. The ma is in shock and keeps repeating the word “devil.” They go to a nearby village to look for signs of this “devil,” and are shocked to find several dead bodies all over the place.

They checked what might have caused the death of everyone, and the bite marks and tracks looked like a lion had made them. Later on, their survival starts when a ferocious, man-hunting survivor of the bloodthirsty poacher lion begins stalking and attacking them.

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Beast American Film Release Date

Universal Pictures will be releasing the thriller movie Beast 2022, starring Idris Elba this year. According to reports, it will be in US theaters by August 19, 2022. 

Beast 2022

This only means that August will be a big month for Idris. The American Thriller film Beast 2022 can only be seen in a theater when it first comes out, but given how movies have been released since the pandemic, streaming might also be available anytime soon.

The film Beast 2022 was filmed in South Africa, as well as in Cape Town. Idris Elba‘s Beast was written by Ryan Engle from a story by Jaime Primak Sullivan.

Beast 2022

Included in the cast of the movie are Elba as Dr. Nate Samuels, Sharlto Copley as Martin Battles, a friend of Samuels’ at the game preserve, Iyana Halley as Meredith Samuels, and Leah Sava Jeffries as his daughter Norah Samuels. Kormákur helmed Uni’s Everest, 2 Guns, and Contraband. Will Packer produced Beast with James Lopez, president of Will Packer Productions. Pic is written by Ryan Engle and is executive produced by Jaime Primak Sullivan and Bernard Bellew.

Watch the Beast Trailer

The Official Trailer of the American Film Beast 2022 is finally released. The trailer opens by showing Dr. Nate Daniels landing a plane in South Africa with this two daughters, Meredith, played by Iyana Halley and Norah, and the first 30 seconds seem to hint that this journey will be relatively normal and might be a healing experience that it was meant to be. 

To check out the trailer of Beast 2022, see below. 

YouTube video

Excited to see the movie Beast 2022? Set your alarms this August 19, 2022 and hit the US cinemas to watch the thriller survival movie.

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