Dare Me Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

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Here you will get all the information which reveals to you about the renewal or cancelation of the show Dare Me Season 2.

Will we witness what happens next to Addy, Beth, and Coach Colette in Dare Me season 2? 

Dare Me is a thriller drama TV series with a cheerleading plot.

What is Dare Me About? 

Dare Me is an American thriller teen drama TV show based on Megan Abbott’s novel of the same name.

Dare Me, which Megan Abbott and Gina Fattore also created, premiered on USA Network on April 29, 2019. The first season of the TV show consists of ten episodes, each lasting approximately 42 to 52 minutes.

Dare Me Season 2

The teen drama series centered on a competitive cheerleading group from the Midwest. It is based on Megan Abbott’s 2012 novel of the same name and aired for ten episodes between December 2019 and March 2020.

Dare Me tells the story of Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy, two high school cheerleaders who are also closest friends, in a tiny Midwestern town.

Their bond is tested when a new coach, Colette French, arrives at their school and begins to change everything. Colette’s strategy succeeded in keeping Addy and Beth apart, and as a result, Addy and Beth are keeping secrets from each other.

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It becomes even more problematic when Colette pulls Addy and Beth to the murder of Sarge Will, causing complete chaos.

The show attracts a lot of appreciation and attention from its viewers because of its teenage drama blended with thriller crime features.

It was even one of the top 10 most-watched shows on Netflix. The show has a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDB. Meanwhile, Dare Me has an 85 percent critics’ approval rating and a 79 percent average audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dare Me Season 2 Expected Plot

Dare Me Season 2

As we all know, daring me is a 2012 remake of Megan Abbott’s novel. It’s a teen drama that follows the lives of competitive high school cheerleaders in a small Midwestern town.

Dare Me season one concludes with a cryptic climax that does not reveal if one or more key protagonists are responsible for Sergeant Mosley’s death.

Dare Me will continue from the original source material, as the first season only covers half of the book.

We can expect it to reveal more details about what happened to Sarge Will.

We may conclude at the end of the first season that Sarge Will did not commit suicide and that Colette and her husband were involved in his death.

What happened to Kurtz, who was being interrogated by the police at the end of Season 1? What about Addy’s fate, considering that her Hamsa bracelet was found at the crime scene? We may also delve deeper into Addy and Colette’s troubled relationship.

Dare Me Season 2 Cast 

We could expect to see the main cast return. That includes Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon, Marlo Kelly as Beth, and Willa Fitzgerald as Colette.

There would also be Chris Zylka as Kurtz, Rob Heaps as Colette’s husband Matt, Adrian Walters as Tibbs, and many others.

Dare Me Season 2

Dare Me Season 2 Release Date 

Unfortunately, it was reported in April 2020 that the show would be canceled, so there will be no Dare Me season 2. One of the reasons for the cancellation is assumed to be the USA Network’s transition away from fiction TV series and toward reality shows.

Ratings and viewership perhaps contribute to the cancelation of Dare Me season 2.

That being said, there is still a chance that this TV show will be revived if Netflix changes its mind or if another network picks up the show.

On the other hand, no official announcement or reason for the cancellation of the show was provided.

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