Delonte West Net Worth 2022: How much money does he make?

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Delonte West Net Worth: Delonte West is a professional American Basketball player and has played for different teams in the NBA. Delonte West has recently struggled with substance abuse and other issues, which led to the financial crash. 

Fan of basketball and NBA? Then you might have probably heard of Delonte West already. Get to know more about his career, personal, and Delonte West Net Worth here. 

Keep reading to know about Delonte West Net Worth! 

Who is Delonte West?

Delonte West Net Worth 2022 

Delonte West is a former American professional basketball player. He has played in NBA for several teams, including Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Dallas Mavericks. 

He has been married twice, first in 2010 and then married Carissa Suzette Madden in 2013, with whom he had two children. In 2008 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which caused him depression, and he experienced struggles as a basketball player. 

Early Life of Delonte West 

Delonte Maurice West was born on July 26, 1983, in Washington, DC. He is currently 38 years old as of today. He is multiracial, with African American, Piscataway Native American, and White American heritage.

West went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland for high school. During his stay there, he already excelled in basketball, and he was even teamed up with fellow future NBA Eddie Basden. 

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In college, he attended Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia, and he formed what was widely regarded as the best backcourt in the country alongside Jameer Nelson.

Career Life of Delonte West 

Delonte West left Saint Joseph during his junior campaign when he was selected to be Bostin Celtics in 2004. In his first season, he played a total of 39 games. By 2007, he joined Seattle SuperSonics along with Wally Szczerbiak and Jeff Green.

From 2008 to 2010, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their 26 season games. At the beginning of the season with Cleveland, he played as the shooting guard but shifter to be the backup point guard for the rest of the season. In 2009, he made his career-best eight steals against Miami Heat. 

West again transferred to Minnesota Timberwolves and later was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2013, he joined the Chines basketball team Fujian Xunxing and played for them for a year. He also became part of Texas Legends in 2015 and was included in the section of Third-team All-American by the NABC. 

The only notable award he got was in 2004 by NCAA, but we know how his talent is acknowledged by many. 

Any guess of Delonte West Net Worth?

Delonte West Net Worth 2022

What is Delonte West Net Worth?

Delonte West Net Worth 2022

Over the years, Delonte West has made wealth from playing basketball and signing contracts with different teams in NBA. When he was at the peak of his career, West received a salary estimated to be $14 Million which had an impact on Delonte West Net Worth. 

However, when he started to experience financial problems and had to pay for some debts, he had to sell some of his cars and jewelry, which affected Delonte West Net Worth. 

Delonte Net Worth is estimated to be at $100 thousand as of 2022. This is the result of his hard work of playing basketball and a few endorsements.

Unfortunately, he started to have problems financially and career-wise when he was arrested for carrying a pistol and a shotgun in his car back in 2010. Also, when he had a divorce from his wife, it had cost him a fortune and he lost a large amount of money. 

He had experienced several financial crises throughout his career. One time when there was an NBA lockout in 2011, he applied for a job at Home Depot and worked at a furniture store. In 2016, he was also photographed in a public place in texas while barefoot and wearing a hospital gown which sparked rumors saying he was homeless. 

Although, West immediately denied that although the image is genuine, he still has a home and was only assisting a homeless man. 

Just recently, on October 2021, West was in the news again. He was arrested for banging on the doors of a Florida police department while he was insulting officers holding two open containers of alcohol.

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