High Rise Invasion Season 2 Updates: Release Date, Cast, Plot

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This time we are back with an anime series. High Rise Invasion. Season one ran on netflix and it ended with some incomplete stories. It is a japanese manga series, survival anime that shows the life of Yuri Honjo, who is 16 years old, with an incredible animation characters.


The High Rise Invasion is potentially a great anime of 2021. It became the first full original anime series to hit netflix in 2021, based on a manga of the same name by writer Tsuina Miura. The series production was illustrated by Takahiro Oba. The studio responsible for anime such as “my roommate is a cat dive and grand blue”.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Storyline

There are numerous skyscrapers attached to suspension Bridges and masked figures mercilessly killed their unbalanced and fleeing targets, and we are seeing her as she tries to select to survive in this hellish world. So, let’s get started with the recap of season one.

High Rise Invasion series is a survival and horror anime series. The series includes a stranger concept, absurd murder and the characters become more interested. As the series moves towards in the series there is a mask’s concept. Then there is a baseball mask a mask in a baseball uniform who at high speed throws cannon balls clearing out a part of the character’s lead at one point in the story.

Yuri continues a female protagonist feels a sense of anxiety, as she sees that there is continuous death of innocent people. She tries to overcome her fears and protecting herself from them. It is also important to pick necessary supplies from time to time. Villains only goal in life is to encourage other people to commit suicide.

After seeing such gruesome and violent material, one can never come to this concept. High rise invasion is a live action series as it extremely brutal, rude, tragic and a thriller with a fantastic story. From the first episode to the last, the series is on point and always jumps into the main focus of the plot.

Yet can shower the audience with many mysterious twists to keep the audience hooked, as with every other example of brutal, pathetic and barbaric mother that takes place in high rise invasion. The series is perfect for viewers who enjoy the mystery thriller and cold-blooded murder journal.

The Plot Of High Rise Invasion season 2

It highly depends upon season one. In season one, we find that allies and Yuri’s win over the masks that Mamoru Aikawa delivers yuri losses swimmer mask before making great angels potentials and sending him under her control.

With her newly found, manipulation abilities as an error to god, somewhere mamoru realizes that Rika and Yuri are siblings and eventually manages to get an emotional response from the former when mamoru is threatened by the later. The episode ends with yuri finding her brother and destroying this hellish realm as end left.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Plot

Many plots that can be shown in the next season in High Rise Invasion season 2 Rika’s search may continue. Yuri may discover new abilities. The game’s masterminds and administrators may also reveal themselves in the next season. Now, let’s have a quick look on its release date on netflix.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date

The first season was premiered on 25th february 2021. On 26th october 2020, during the netflix anime festival, this anime was originally declared. It contains a total of 12 episodes of 25 minutes. Touko Machida was the writer. It was directed by Masahiro Takada for the second season netflix, and the makers of the series do not give any official statement, but japanese animation has always approved optimistic treatment from the streaming huge.

Over the years netflix has created several anime shows, some of which delayed enjoy Multi-Season runs on the service, it is also one of the manga series written by Paru Itagaki. This series shows itagaki’s brilliant work to large audiences due to its worldwide success that ensured the series would come with its new season.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 Release Date

As season one is released by seeing audience initial reactions, it becomes confirmed that season 1 is going to be hit, and this may lead to a long run on the streaming service for anime. We tracked down the official sources, but till now there isn’t any information regarding the release date and the audience will have to keep their patience until there is something solid that the season 2 will release.

High Rise invasion is a complete manga and the anime has had enough source material available for the past several seasons. If the success of season 1 reassures both producers and netflix executives within the next few months that the anime is renewable, it is expected that the high rise invasion season 2 release date will be announced in 2023.

If the show follows the same trend, then season 2 also includes 12 episodes. We will have to wait before we see the new season of this anime.

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