Season 3 Of The Asterisk War Is On The Way.

Charlie paul
Charlie paul
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My friend is into anime and always talks about going to Japan and traveling. I had just rediscovered my love of slime anime series after reincarnating as one in a 3rd grade Japanese TV show with an asterisk (*). As soon as I came home I looked up the anime my friend recommended to me, Asterisk War.

I find some amazing things on the internet. If you want to know about this anime, then let’s take a look together.

What is The Asterisk War?


Through my search on the internet, I found out that this anime is called Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku. Upon researching about it, I found out that this anime is based off a manga series. This reminded me of how every popular anime has originated from a manga series and made me wonder if there was an original for The author name is Yu Miyazaki, and the novel was first published on September 25th, 2012. As soon as it was released, the manga became popular in Japan and other countries. It didn’t take long for the sequel, The Asterisk War Second Season to debut.

The animated series “*Asterisk War” debuted its first episode on October 3, 2015 and was instantly a hit. With so much popularity and success in season 1, there will for sure be a second season. The show’s second season will debut on April 2, 2016. It has now been five years since we’ve heard anything about the show – when does it come out? Skip down to find out!

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Is The Asterisk War Season 3 is coming for people?

The first two seasons of
The Asterisk War was released back in 2012-2016, and here we are, waiting for the second season to come out. But is it even coming? It’s been a lot of time, and the show creators haven’t said anything. We don’t know if they are planning to renew this season, and it is unknown whether or not the show will get a fourth season.


This show is still ongoing and so far it’s been popular enough to warrant the publishing of its third season. In other words, there is a little chance it won’t be renewed for another season–people keep reading manga versions as well as watching the shows so attention has been garnered smoothly. The developers may be wanting to include enough content so that they can release it in multiple seasons.

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Where can I watch the official trailer of The Asterisk War Season 3?

A trailer for this season has been released.

If you are new, then I have something for you. Watch this video to get a better knowledge of the show.

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Is the English Dub of Asterisk War available?

The asterisk war season 3

Plus, if you like to watch the show in its original language then have the English subtitles too. Go to settings and press your preferred output language.

What can we expect with the plotline of The Asterisk war season 3?

The story of the Asterisk War takes place after an environmental event on Earth rendered large areas unsuitable.

No app, Roku-sucks The planet had experienced a terrible catastrophe called Invertia, which killed all life on the earth.

After the destruction, there was a time gap. After some time, you’ll see the rise of humans that are different from them in one crucial way: These humans have supernatural powers like those in our story. People who first appear as something else may or may not be human. You have to refer to them as Genestella in this place.

The small boy Ayota Amagiri wants to enter the best academy. To do so, he needs to play a tournament that may give you a Hogwarts vibe.

Like Hogwarts, Asterisk also holds tournaments. These tournaments are called Festas and they check a student’s ability to determine which Academy he or she will be sent to. Ayato goes to Seidoukan Academy – ranked 5th in Asterisk. The story gets more dramatic as the stories move forward.
Later on in the story, he meets a girl who is undressing and wants to have a face off. I don’t want to spoil your story, but one thing is clear: you will thoroughly enjoy this show for the duration of its run.

The Asterisk War Season 3
*In the context of a link to a website

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What do the people on Social Media think about this show?

We have attached some of the feedback below to enjoy.

Kendir Yardies

This is an awesome show. The staff has spent a lot of time and effort on making this series. Unfortunately, I finished reading the books because there are no new episodes left to watch for me. I heard rumors that they’re planning part 3 soon if everything goes right, but nobody knows anything about it. I have been waiting for this for a while.

The asterisk war season 3

I’ve watched all the episodes of “The Asterisk War” and it made my heart ache to find out there won’t be another season. I’m looking for other anime that are the same genre as this, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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Jay-Z shade

I watched the trailer of this anime in YouTube by accident. The trailer looks like it will be a lot of fun and fits perfectly into my favorite genre of anime. When is season 3 coming out?

If you have any questions about this anime, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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