The World According To Jeff Goldblum Season 2 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Charlie paul
Charlie paul
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Jeff Goldblum is not only an actor in films like ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Thor- Ragnarok,’ he’s also a jazz musician extraordinaire. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the host of the Disney+ show, ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum. The first season had 12 episodes of Goldblum examining common items like sneakers and ice cream, and digging into what unexpected connections and subcultures revolve around them.

The show was popular enough for Disney to greenlight a second season. Read on to find out more.

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum Season 2 Release Date and Where to Watch It

The second season of ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum,’ like the first, will stream on Disney+. The first five episodes of season 2 will premiere on the streaming platform on November 12, 2021, which happens to be Disney+ Day, apparently.

What Is The World According to Jeff Goldblum?

‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ unsurprisingly stars Jeff Goldblum being himself, Jeff Goldblum. Each episode of the show is focused on one common object like coffee, cosmetics, tattoos, or denim. For each topic, Jeff delves into how each item is made, how each item has become a part of our lives, and the surprising secrets that surround them.

The logline for the show is, ‘When you explore the ordinary, you might just discover the extraordinary!’

The World According to Jeff Goldblum Showrunner, Crew, and More

‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ is produced by National Geographic and Nutopia with Jeff Goldblum, Matt Renner, Jane Root, Peter Lovering, Arif Nurmohamed, and Keith Addis as executive producers. The series is directed by Karen McGann, Simon Lloyd, and Nic Stacey.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum Season 2

The World According to Jeff Goldblum Cast

The star of ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ is actor Jeff Goldblum, AKA Ian Malcolm from ‘Jurassic Park. Each episode has him talking with experts about that episode’s particular item or topic.

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum Trailer

We don’t have a trailer for season 2, but here’s a trailer for season 1 of the show along with the first season’s official synopsis-

We also have this short teaser for season 2 from Disney+’s Twitter account.

His spark is back Happy 4thofJuly from Jeff Goldblum!

Season 2 of TheWorldAccordingToJeffGoldblum is coming soon to DisneyPlus.

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