This Mother’s Son Was Kidnapped by a Leopard, So She Went after the Animal to Get Him Back

Charles kenny
Charles kenny
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Local authorities in India say a mother whose son was snatched by a leopard chased the animal down until it released the child.

As CNN reported, the mother’s name is Kiran Baiga and she quickly chased down the leopard while screams were ringing out in the Sanjay-Dubri National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Residents of Badi Jhiriya, a village located within Sanjay-free-roaming Dubri’s zone, live alongside animals that roam free in this open area.

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“When the leopard arrived, the woman and her children were inside their hut. In response to a woman’s screams and additional witnesses, the leopard let go of the child and ran away, abandoning the child in a nearby puddle “CNN spoke to Singh about it.
Zoo animals have been hit by COVID-19:

Complications from COVID-19 have killed three snow leopards at the Nebraska zoo.

Four babies were killed in a fire at a hospital in central India; an investigation is currently underway.

This Mother’s Son Was Kidnapped By A Leopard, So She Went After The Animal To Get Him Back

As it turns out, Singh’s son suffered only minor injuries and appears to be recovering well.

“His wounds were minor, but the leopard’s teeth had gone deep enough to make a hole in him. He was taken to the hospital, but he’s fine now, thank you “Singh was the one who made the addition.

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“That kind of bravery in the face of death is a remarkable example of motherliness. Kiran Baiga’s mother, Mrs. Kiran Baiga, has been congratulated by the people of the state “Chouhan took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

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