We Need You To Protect The Environment ,The Pope Tells The Youth

Charlie paul
Charlie paul
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Young people’s environmental efforts were praised by Pope Francis on Sunday and he encouraged the generation to “be the critical conscience of society.”

On Sunday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica surrounded by hundreds of young Catholics to commemorate a church day dedicated to youth.

He said, “You have been entrusted with an exciting but also challenging task, to stand tall while everything around us appears to be collapsing.”

Thanks for “every time you cultivate the dream of fraternity, work to heal the wounds of God’s creation, fight to ensure respect for the dignity of vulnerable people, and spread the spirit of solidarity and sharing.”

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A lot of young people are concerned about environmental pollution, he said.

Franz: “We need this,” he said.

“You have not lost the ability to dream,” the pontiff said, referring to a world where “thinking only of present gain tends to stifle grand ideals.”

Francis urged young people to be “free and authentic; be the critical conscience of society.”

His papacy has made social justice and environmental protection a priority.

Lisbon, Portugal, is set to host the Catholic Church’s annual jamboree in August 2023, and Pope Francis is expected to attend.

With the COVID deadline looming, Germany’s leadership is in a state of flux.

Everyone entering the United States from January 1 will have to be vaccinated.

After four decades in prison, a Missouri man has been exonerated of three murders.

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